Throwback Movie Of The Week: Weekend At Bernies


Another classic coming from your boy here. When you tell someone the plot of Weekend At Bernies, they probably will say the same thing, “That sounds like the dumbest movie ever.” Well they may be right, this movie is redicolous. How could you possible make a movie about a guy thats dead and pretend hes alive for two hours? Dont ask me how, but these crazy kooks pulled it off.

This is the movie that created one of the hottest dances of all time, appropirtely named, The Bernie

If you havent seen this movie, I recommend it. Just a classic in my eyes.



A Short Recap of Summer Slam 2015!


Who would of guessed that the host of Summer Slam Jon Stewart would steal the show? Summer Slam 2015 was a pretty well put together show, with some real big high lights, but also a lot of let down, expesically in the main event. There were a few matches that were incredibly forgettable that I wont even give the time of day. (Ziggler vs Rusev, Sheamus vs Orton, Divas match, Intercontinetal Triple Threat).

4 Way Tag Team Match:

Honestly this had to have been my favorite match of the night. Mainly because of these two guys. giphy

Titus Oneil is just fun to watch. When he comes in and just clears house, every one loves it. Prime Time players lost their tag belts, but atleast they lost them in a entertaining match. New Day came out victorious, and they actually got the crowd behind them. Granted, there were still the New Day sucks chants, but that is always going to happen. Some great spots by Sin Cara. Its great having Luchadores in matches because they know what the crowd wants. High flying action, flips, and cool moves. And having a midget get involved in the match just makes things funny. Expecially when they get planted on the outside of the ring. This match stole the show for me. I would recommend giving it a bid.

The Wyatt Family vs The Shield (kind of):

I thought this match would of been the sleeper of the night, the one that the crowd was super into. It was still a good match, we saw a lot of out of the ring brawling, which is expected at this point with the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns was no where to be found, literally, for a large chunk of the match. Even the crowd started “Roman is sleeping!” for a solid minuete. Like literally, where was he?  I was expecting either a heel turn from Ambrose or even a return for Reigns cousin, The Rock. Obvsiouly expecting one of those two things to happen and having none come true is a dissapointment, but I really liked this match.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena (Belt for Belt Match):

First off, show stealer was Seth Rollin’s new white on white outfit. Legit fire. Loved it. You got to throw your oppenett off before the match somehow, and coming out dressed like a power ranger was awesome. seth

This match had that main event feel to it. It actually meant something, the belt that people care about was on the line. Will Cena become a 16 time world champion, or will Seth Rollins weasel his way out of another match? Seth Rollins really carried this match in my opinion. This guy has it all. There is a reason HHH made him the champion. This guy is legit. High flying moves, jumping over the ropes, hell, he hit a frog splash that was as good as Eddie Guerrero. John Cena had some good spots, but also missed a spring board stunner. Always awkward when a wrestler misses a move, such a fail, the crowd goes silent and then starts chanting “You Fucked Up”. I really thought Cena was going to walk away champion, but when the referee was down, Jon Stewart came to the rescue. If you don’t know, Jon Stewart and Seth Rollins have had a beef for almost a year now. Stewart turned heel last night and hit Cena with a chair, making sure Seth Rollins got the win. An unexpected ending, that I thought was a perfect way to end an awesome match. Now I wonder whats next for Seth? And what the hell are they going to do with the US Title?


And finally our main event. The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar:


Up until the screwy ending, this match was a classic. Two guys that hate each other, one seeking revenge, and one looking to cement his name and retire the Dead Man. We saw a spot where Lesnar F’5d Undetaker threw the announce table. Lesnar laughing while covered in blood will never get old. The guy is tapped. I am still dissapointed in this finish though. Lesnar made Undertaker tap out, but the referee never saw it, but the bell ringer did and ended the match. As the ref and ringer argued, Taker hit Lesnar with a low blow from behind, which I think is his new go to heel move. After the low blow, Taker gets Lesnar in Hell’s gate and the ref stops the match because Lesnar was unresponsive, but not after we got to see this.


A stupid finish to what was a great match. I have no clue where WWE is going to go from here. All I know is Paul Heyman is not going to be a happy man tonight on Raw. We’ll see if WWE Creative can somehow get this mess sorted out. Only time will tell.

I Cant Wait for the 2018 Red Sox


Well the 2015 Red Sox were a tremendous dumpster fire, and we should have seen it coming. Over signing for over rated players such as lazy left fielder Hanley Ramirez and over weight third basemen Pablo Sandovol cost the Red Sox millions, and they got nothing in return. Instead of signing aging players, we need to utilize our great farm system. In a couple of years, if things go our way, the Red Sox outfield is going to be insane. Get rid of Hanley in left, and add Jackie Bradley Jr. Mookie Betts in center field, and my favorite player Rusney Castillo in right field. Who can beat that?

I would love to see a trade involving an aging second basemen in Dustin Pedroia, maybe for a decent 2nd it rotation starting pitcher. We have the next GOAT waiting to replace him in Yoan Moncada, who is only 20 years old and tearing up single A.yoan

Travis Shaw at first base, who right now may be may be one of the hottest hitters in the whole MLB. Xander Bogartes, arguably the best short stop in the MLB right now, and is only 22 years old, will be even better. Now for third base, I guess we could keep Sandovol’s fat ass there and hope he pans out. Hell, maybe even throw Hanley there, like they should of done to begin with. And at catcher, give him a few years to develop, and Blake Swihart will be the best catcher in the MLB.

Pitching is a problem right now, but can easily fixed with one thing. The signing of David Price in free agency.


This guy is an ace, and is 100% worth the money. With Price at number one, Eduardo Rodriguz at two, Henry Owens at three, and either Joe Kelly, Clay Buchholz, or even Rick Porcello at four and five, that is a solid pitching core. And the majority of that starting lineup is home grown from our own farm system. Now hopefully new General Manager Dave Dombrowski can re-build this team and sign a couple of big name free agents so we can see this team in the play off hunt once again.

Orange Dinosaur On Rt. 1 May Be Taken Down!


Terrible news here. Michael Touchette, some random dude, is buying Route 1 Mini Golf and turning it into apartments. AWESOME! More apartments!! Just what Rt. 1 needs. Honestly, this is bull shit. Keep the Mini Golf place up. The orange dinosaur runs the high way and every one knows it. You pass that thing in your car and your scared. Its a god damn staple. I know this isn’t really important news, but to me this is super important. You know how shitty its going to be to drive by where Route 1 Mini Golf used to be and not see the orange dino? Instead see some yuppie apartment buildings and coffee shops. Wow. If you live in Saugus and have the chance to vote, you better vote to keep him up. This is a tragedy. This isn’t fair. If the orange dino and the batting cages go, we are letting the corporate world step all over us. First the Hilltop and now this? Whats next? Hockeytown or Kowloon? People of Saugus, stand up and make me proud. #TeamDino

Bonus: Top 5 Route One Landmark Rankings

5) Prince Pizza Tower


4)Kowloon Entrance

Kowloon Exterior-M

3)Hockey Town


2)Whats left of the Hilltop


1)Orange Dinosaur


Throwback Movie Of The Week: Road House


Wow, just wow. Thats all I really have to say. Electric. From start to finish, pure action. Picking Patrick Swayze as the under sized bouncer who kicks ass was a great choice. Honestly, I think only Swayze could of pulled this role off. So many classic early 90s one liners, and awesome haircuts. My favorite part of the movie was the fact that no matter what happend in the town, arson, bar brawls, or shoot outs, the cops were never called. There is a scene where a guy drives a monster truck literally through a car lot, and the citizens don’t even think twice about it. Like that is just the norm.

Is this how life is in Missouri? If so, I am moving there immidiently. While watching this movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much of a bad ass Dalton is. He is the guy every guy wants to be. The guy who can go into a bar and just clean house. The smooth talking, cigerette smoking tough guy. badass

If you are looking for a movie with hot chicks, bad ass fights, and some intense scenes (ie: fake polar bear falling on a guy) bear

check out Road House. #RIPPatrickSwayze

Boston College & Notre Dame Unveil Jerseys For Shamrock Series at Fenway Park

Well if you weren’t excited enough for this game, BC & Notre Dame just released pictures of the jersey’s they will be wearing when the two teams meet at Fenway on November 21st. If I were to make a prediction for the score of the game strictly based off the jerseys, BC wins 75-3. Lets get into the pictures


Awesome. 10/10. Throw it back to when the GOAT (Doug Flutie) threw the most famous Hail Mary pass of all time to win against Miami. What better of a way to pay homage to the 1984 Heisman winner then to dedicate a game jersey to him. And what a game to pick. An awesome rival at an awesome venue.

Now to Notre Dame:


Ew, literally gross. 3/10 and that is me being nice. Has Notre Dame ever gone all green? Probably not. There’s a reason behind that. It looks awful. I guarentee even the players don’t like those. Half the team is probably signing transfer papers right now and buying plane tickets to Boston. Disrespectful to wear all green and call your self “The Green Monsters” when playing at Fenway.

BC will most likely go into this game a heavy under dog, and that’s honestly the way it should be. If I were to make a bias prediction, I am going to say BC wins 21-20. But realisticlly it will probably end up being Notre Dame on top 41-10 when the final whistle blows. #GoEagles

Ohio State Suspends Joey Bosa, Jalin Marshall, Dontre Wilson, And Corey Smith For Season Opener Against Virginia Tech


Welp, this kind of sucks. Just kidding. It really wont affect the outcome of this game. Virginia Tech pulled out a miracle win last year, and I honestly don’t see that happening again, even if the Buckeyes suspended All-American Defensive End Joey Bosa. Yeah it kind of sucks that we won’t be able to watch him dominate in week 1, but this is Ohio State. Its not like his back up sucks. Ohio State and Urban Meyer don’t let kids just join this team. You have to earn it. The kids that play on this team are the best in the country. Remember last year when JT Barrett went down in Michigan? Everyone counted the Buckeyes out. But they are so stacked, that their third string quarter back won them a national championship. They will be just fine on defense.

Now this is where it gets scary. Last year, Ohio State’s offense was crazy good. ie:59-0

With All-American running back Ezekiel Elliot returning to the back field, and JT Barrett most likely getting the start behind center, the Buckeyes look to be in good standing. But with their number one receiver Devin Smith leaving for the NFL Draft this spring, they will need to rely heavily on the once number one Quarterback and Heisman Finalist Braxton MIller, who announced recently he will be switching to Wide Receiver. Thankfully this suspension is only for one game, and against a pretty bad Virginia Tech team. Jalen Marshall, Dontre Wilson, and Corey Smith were huge targets for Barrett and Cardale Jones last year. They had the most receiving yards on the team behind Devin Smith (now gone), and returning Sophmore Michael Thomas. Miller and Thomas are going to have to step up this game.

Like I said before, I really don’t see these suspensions affecting the Buckeyes Title Defense season. Don’t be shocked if you see this again come Janurary


PS: My College Football Playoff Prediction 1)Ohio State 2)TCU 3)USC 4)Clemson