Ohio State Suspends Joey Bosa, Jalin Marshall, Dontre Wilson, And Corey Smith For Season Opener Against Virginia Tech


Welp, this kind of sucks. Just kidding. It really wont affect the outcome of this game. Virginia Tech pulled out a miracle win last year, and I honestly don’t see that happening again, even if the Buckeyes suspended All-American Defensive End Joey Bosa. Yeah it kind of sucks that we won’t be able to watch him dominate in week 1, but this is Ohio State. Its not like his back up sucks. Ohio State and Urban Meyer don’t let kids just join this team. You have to earn it. The kids that play on this team are the best in the country. Remember last year when JT Barrett went down in Michigan? Everyone counted the Buckeyes out. But they are so stacked, that their third string quarter back won them a national championship. They will be just fine on defense.

Now this is where it gets scary. Last year, Ohio State’s offense was crazy good. ie:59-0

With All-American running back Ezekiel Elliot returning to the back field, and JT Barrett most likely getting the start behind center, the Buckeyes look to be in good standing. But with their number one receiver Devin Smith leaving for the NFL Draft this spring, they will need to rely heavily on the once number one Quarterback and Heisman Finalist Braxton MIller, who announced recently he will be switching to Wide Receiver. Thankfully this suspension is only for one game, and against a pretty bad Virginia Tech team. Jalen Marshall, Dontre Wilson, and Corey Smith were huge targets for Barrett and Cardale Jones last year. They had the most receiving yards on the team behind Devin Smith (now gone), and returning Sophmore Michael Thomas. Miller and Thomas are going to have to step up this game.

Like I said before, I really don’t see these suspensions affecting the Buckeyes Title Defense season. Don’t be shocked if you see this again come Janurary


PS: My College Football Playoff Prediction 1)Ohio State 2)TCU 3)USC 4)Clemson


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