Boston College & Notre Dame Unveil Jerseys For Shamrock Series at Fenway Park

Well if you weren’t excited enough for this game, BC & Notre Dame just released pictures of the jersey’s they will be wearing when the two teams meet at Fenway on November 21st. If I were to make a prediction for the score of the game strictly based off the jerseys, BC wins 75-3. Lets get into the pictures


Awesome. 10/10. Throw it back to when the GOAT (Doug Flutie) threw the most famous Hail Mary pass of all time to win against Miami. What better of a way to pay homage to the 1984 Heisman winner then to dedicate a game jersey to him. And what a game to pick. An awesome rival at an awesome venue.

Now to Notre Dame:


Ew, literally gross. 3/10 and that is me being nice. Has Notre Dame ever gone all green? Probably not. There’s a reason behind that. It looks awful. I guarentee even the players don’t like those. Half the team is probably signing transfer papers right now and buying plane tickets to Boston. Disrespectful to wear all green and call your self “The Green Monsters” when playing at Fenway.

BC will most likely go into this game a heavy under dog, and that’s honestly the way it should be. If I were to make a bias prediction, I am going to say BC wins 21-20. But realisticlly it will probably end up being Notre Dame on top 41-10 when the final whistle blows. #GoEagles


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