I Cant Wait for the 2018 Red Sox


Well the 2015 Red Sox were a tremendous dumpster fire, and we should have seen it coming. Over signing for over rated players such as lazy left fielder Hanley Ramirez and over weight third basemen Pablo Sandovol cost the Red Sox millions, and they got nothing in return. Instead of signing aging players, we need to utilize our great farm system. In a couple of years, if things go our way, the Red Sox outfield is going to be insane. Get rid of Hanley in left, and add Jackie Bradley Jr. Mookie Betts in center field, and my favorite player Rusney Castillo in right field. Who can beat that?

I would love to see a trade involving an aging second basemen in Dustin Pedroia, maybe for a decent 2nd it rotation starting pitcher. We have the next GOAT waiting to replace him in Yoan Moncada, who is only 20 years old and tearing up single A.yoan

Travis Shaw at first base, who right now may be may be one of the hottest hitters in the whole MLB. Xander Bogartes, arguably the best short stop in the MLB right now, and is only 22 years old, will be even better. Now for third base, I guess we could keep Sandovol’s fat ass there and hope he pans out. Hell, maybe even throw Hanley there, like they should of done to begin with. And at catcher, give him a few years to develop, and Blake Swihart will be the best catcher in the MLB.

Pitching is a problem right now, but can easily fixed with one thing. The signing of David Price in free agency.


This guy is an ace, and is 100% worth the money. With Price at number one, Eduardo Rodriguz at two, Henry Owens at three, and either Joe Kelly, Clay Buchholz, or even Rick Porcello at four and five, that is a solid pitching core. And the majority of that starting lineup is home grown from our own farm system. Now hopefully new General Manager Dave Dombrowski can re-build this team and sign a couple of big name free agents so we can see this team in the play off hunt once again.


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