Orange Dinosaur On Rt. 1 May Be Taken Down!


Terrible news here. Michael Touchette, some random dude, is buying Route 1 Mini Golf and turning it into apartments. AWESOME! More apartments!! Just what Rt. 1 needs. Honestly, this is bull shit. Keep the Mini Golf place up. The orange dinosaur runs the high way and every one knows it. You pass that thing in your car and your scared. Its a god damn staple. I know this isn’t really important news, but to me this is super important. You know how shitty its going to be to drive by where Route 1 Mini Golf used to be and not see the orange dino? Instead see some yuppie apartment buildings and coffee shops. Wow. If you live in Saugus and have the chance to vote, you better vote to keep him up. This is a tragedy. This isn’t fair. If the orange dino and the batting cages go, we are letting the corporate world step all over us. First the Hilltop and now this? Whats next? Hockeytown or Kowloon? People of Saugus, stand up and make me proud. #TeamDino

Bonus: Top 5 Route One Landmark Rankings

5) Prince Pizza Tower


4)Kowloon Entrance

Kowloon Exterior-M

3)Hockey Town


2)Whats left of the Hilltop


1)Orange Dinosaur



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