Throwback Movie Of The Week: Road House


Wow, just wow. Thats all I really have to say. Electric. From start to finish, pure action. Picking Patrick Swayze as the under sized bouncer who kicks ass was a great choice. Honestly, I think only Swayze could of pulled this role off. So many classic early 90s one liners, and awesome haircuts. My favorite part of the movie was the fact that no matter what happend in the town, arson, bar brawls, or shoot outs, the cops were never called. There is a scene where a guy drives a monster truck literally through a car lot, and the citizens don’t even think twice about it. Like that is just the norm.

Is this how life is in Missouri? If so, I am moving there immidiently. While watching this movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much of a bad ass Dalton is. He is the guy every guy wants to be. The guy who can go into a bar and just clean house. The smooth talking, cigerette smoking tough guy. badass

If you are looking for a movie with hot chicks, bad ass fights, and some intense scenes (ie: fake polar bear falling on a guy) bear

check out Road House. #RIPPatrickSwayze


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