I Finally Got My Hands On The Black Burger


Well this may come as a surprise, but the all black Burger King burger was without a doubt one of the grossest things I have ever eaten. I really don’t know why I expected any different. I mean, this is Burger King were talking about here. Not really quality food.


Would you look at that! Doesn’t that look delicious? Just a pitch black bun with chunks of lettuce hanging off of it.


This picture is Burger King in a nutshell^. Just way too much sauce when you bite into it. I don’t even know what kind of sauce it was. It was just dripping out. Absolutely vile. Had two bites of the thing and threw it out. Burger King Halloween Burger: 1/10


Tom Brady Calls Coca-Cola Poison For Kids


I am absolutely torn on this subject here. On one side, I feel like you have to drink soda as a kid. It’s what normal kids do. I remember when I was forced to hang out with kids I couldn’t stand when I was like 8, like kids of family friends that I had nothing in common with. I could remember hanging out in a basement, playing play station and drinking a shit ton of coca-cola. Getting all hyped up on the sugar train. And there was one kid there who I didn’t know. And he was the only one not drinking soda. And I asked him why, and he said “his parents don’t let him drink soda.” Um what?  Am I the only one who thinks parent’s who didn’t let their kids drink soda are weird? That kid is still a weirdo. And I am pretty sure the root of all his weirdness comes from being soda deprived for his whole life.

But then we got guys like Brady. He’s 38 and playing like a 25 year old. He is on fire right now. MVP caliber season. You never see that type of stuff from people his age. Like Peyton Manning legit can’t even run and will have rigamortis by the end of this season. He’s going to take a hit from a young guy like Kahlil Mack or something and his robot neck is legit going to pop off like a bobble head. Maybe Brady is on to something. Soda is obviously terrible for you, but its so damn good sometimes. Brady’s kids are legit going to be super heroes. Way too many good genes, way less sugar and junk food than normal kids. He will probably have them running suicides and lifting by the time their 9.

I Need To Try The Burger King Black Halloween Burger


Lets get this out of the way, I eat a shit ton of fast food. You could say I am a seasoned vet at this point. I have a theory that I can eat what ever I want, mix in a salad once every two weeks, get a mediocre work out in a couple times a week, and I will be the healthiest person to walk this earth. Also, I am a huge sucker for things that only come around a certain time of the year or are only around for a limited time. For example, Mountain Dew released Baha Blast to the public, not just at Taco Bell, for a limited time, no lie I must have slugged like 15 cans the first day they were released. Not even because I was that thirsty, I just needed to consume as much as possible before they get discontinued.

Shamrock Shake, Egg Nog, Mcrib, Baha Blast, you name it, I’m crushing it. But this might take the cake. Burger King is at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to fast food joints. I honestly think it’s gross and the only time I eat it is when I am craving chicken fries (their only good product), or on a road trip and you stop at one of those weird stop stations with only fast food resteraunts inside.

Most look at this burger and probably think it looks gross, to me it looks like a challenge. How can you not want to at least try that? Yeah I heard it turns your shit green, but that is a risk I am willing to take. 30 years from now, your kids are going to ask you, “Dad, what did the all black Burger King Burger with A1 sauce built into it taste like?”. Are you going to sit there and tell them you were to big of a coward to try it? Hell no. Special things like this only come around every so often. You can’t let this slip through your hands.

PS: Pepsi needs to step its game up and bring back two of the best drinks ever created.


Shit tasted like Christmas in a can. Or just Diabetes in a can. But what ever it was crazy delicious.


Pepsi Blue. Wow, that brings back memories.

Oregon To Wear Lewis & Clark Helmets This Weekend


Not going to lie, I can dig these. And this is coming from a guy who lost intrest in the whole “Oregon Uniform Combo” thing years ago. I can’t stand the people who always say “hey did you know Oregon has like 200,00 different uniform combos??”. Yeah I know that, and maybe like four of them are cool. I mean did you see what they wore on Satuday night vs Colorado? Literally a highlighter.



But these Lewis & Clark uni’s are awesome. I mean their season is over, they have nothing to play for any more, so why not bust out these weird ass uniforms. Give the crowd what they want. People don’t go to Oregon to watch football, they go their because the school is basically owned by Nike. So much free Nike stuff.

PS: My Top 3 Oregon Uniform Ranks:

3) Black Out Jerseys

black out 2 blackout

2) White and Green

white and green 2

  1. Throwbacks


Fireman Ed Is A Fraud


This guy sucks! What a bum. I wake up early (9:30 am) to watch a Jets vs Dolphins game in London, and what do I see? This fraud. Do Jets fans like this guy?? Do they realize he literally quit being a fan of the team? Just because his team was the laughing stock of the league. And now, when the Jets don’t look too bad early in this season, he pokes his head out in London, trying to get people pumped up doing the J-E-T-S chant. Get out of my face. Your suppose to be the biggest Jets fan? Your bandwagon.Your true colors showed when Sanchez ran into his O-Lineman’s ass. People don’t forget bro, you quit. Your a quitter.

Ezekiel Elliot Shines, As Buckeyes Squeak By Hoosiers


That game was brutal. Honestly, Ohio State has looked like crap this whole year. Other than their blow out win against Hawaii, which they didn’t even cover, they really haven’t looked like the number one team in the country. Yesterday was no different.  Although they put up 34 points, it came late.

It took the Buckeyes four drives to finally put up a measly three points on the board. Are you kidding me??!! That is unacceptable, especially against a terrible Indiana team. Cardale Jones really doesn’t look sharp this year. Missing open receivers, over throwing deep balls. If it wasn’t for Ezekiel Elliot’s MONSTER second half, the Buckeyes would be 4-1, with their national title dreams down the drain. Between Zeke and Leonard Fournette, this Heisman race will be the most anticipated in years. If these two guys can keep this ridiculous pace up, the end of the season should be awesome.

Luckily for Ohio State, their schedule is ridiculous easy. They need to start blowing teams out. Straight up embarrassed teams. Prove to the country they aren’t a joke. Start JT next week, just see how he does. If he doesn’t play well, put Cardale back in. Pretty simple.

PS: Check this out

Leonard Fournette: 99 rushes, 864 yards, and 11 touchdowns. Dude is almost averaging a first down on every carry.

Zeke Elliot: 100 rushes, 729 yards, and 8 touchdowns. God damn that is unreal.