Ezekiel Elliot Shines, As Buckeyes Squeak By Hoosiers


That game was brutal. Honestly, Ohio State has looked like crap this whole year. Other than their blow out win against Hawaii, which they didn’t even cover, they really haven’t looked like the number one team in the country. Yesterday was no different.  Although they put up 34 points, it came late.

It took the Buckeyes four drives to finally put up a measly three points on the board. Are you kidding me??!! That is unacceptable, especially against a terrible Indiana team. Cardale Jones really doesn’t look sharp this year. Missing open receivers, over throwing deep balls. If it wasn’t for Ezekiel Elliot’s MONSTER second half, the Buckeyes would be 4-1, with their national title dreams down the drain. Between Zeke and Leonard Fournette, this Heisman race will be the most anticipated in years. If these two guys can keep this ridiculous pace up, the end of the season should be awesome.

Luckily for Ohio State, their schedule is ridiculous easy. They need to start blowing teams out. Straight up embarrassed teams. Prove to the country they aren’t a joke. Start JT next week, just see how he does. If he doesn’t play well, put Cardale back in. Pretty simple.

PS: Check this out

Leonard Fournette: 99 rushes, 864 yards, and 11 touchdowns. Dude is almost averaging a first down on every carry.

Zeke Elliot: 100 rushes, 729 yards, and 8 touchdowns. God damn that is unreal.


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