Tom Brady Calls Coca-Cola Poison For Kids


I am absolutely torn on this subject here. On one side, I feel like you have to drink soda as a kid. It’s what normal kids do. I remember when I was forced to hang out with kids I couldn’t stand when I was like 8, like kids of family friends that I had nothing in common with. I could remember hanging out in a basement, playing play station and drinking a shit ton of coca-cola. Getting all hyped up on the sugar train. And there was one kid there who I didn’t know. And he was the only one not drinking soda. And I asked him why, and he said “his parents don’t let him drink soda.” Um what?  Am I the only one who thinks parent’s who didn’t let their kids drink soda are weird? That kid is still a weirdo. And I am pretty sure the root of all his weirdness comes from being soda deprived for his whole life.

But then we got guys like Brady. He’s 38 and playing like a 25 year old. He is on fire right now. MVP caliber season. You never see that type of stuff from people his age. Like Peyton Manning legit can’t even run and will have rigamortis by the end of this season. He’s going to take a hit from a young guy like Kahlil Mack or something and his robot neck is legit going to pop off like a bobble head. Maybe Brady is on to something. Soda is obviously terrible for you, but its so damn good sometimes. Brady’s kids are legit going to be super heroes. Way too many good genes, way less sugar and junk food than normal kids. He will probably have them running suicides and lifting by the time their 9.


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