Celtics Should Not Trade Their Nets Pick For DeMarcus Cousins


Every year I get so pumped for the draft. Whether it is the NBA or NFL draft, I can’t wait. And usually Boston teams are never in contention for a top pick. The Celtics managed to get the Nets, who are 1-7 right now, first round pick. They traded an aging KG and Paul Pierce for some rag-tag players and a shit ton of draft picks a few years back. The Kings have been trying to move DeMarcus Cousins for a while now, and the Celtics may have what they’re looking for. But why trade a potential #1 pick? Call me an idiot, but I love the hype. Every year I think the top 5 picks in every draft are going to become legends. Like right now, I love Blake Bortles. I honestly think he is the next big thing. Probably not, but I belive in hype. The top pick this year, Ben Simmons from LSU, is going to be a legend, or at least I think he’s going to be. simmons

Lets ride this season out, and pray the Nets lose every single game. Cousins is a monster and a top 10 player in the NBA right now, but I would rather be watching the draft in the summer, and be excited about something. Most likely get my heart broken when we land like the 4 pick, but for those 5 minutes where the draft picks get chosen, I am going to be pumped. Way too exciting. And plus, Cousins is a head case. He seems to get along with no one, and has a terrible attitude. I don’t want that bad juju on this team. What I realistically see happening is that the Nets pick it up in the end of the year and the Celtics end up with like the 7th pick in the draft. And in typical Celtics fashion, they will trade it for a group of haggard players like Thabo Shefelosha and a second round pick. disappoint the fans like last year. This team can be great, but its missing one real super star. The Celtics are filled with great role players, but will never win without a bona fide top ten player in the league.



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