I Am In Love With The Jets Color Rush Jerseys


If you watched last nights game between the Jets and Bills, you couldn’t help but notice the ridiculous jerseys. First of all, really Bills? Those suck pretty damn bad. You can’t be the Patriots, no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t work. Even the Pats haven’t worn the all red throwback jerseys in a while. And now the Bills try to do it?? F-. But on the other hand, those Jets Uniforms though… Those were fire. My favorite part was the helmet.


I love shiny helmets, matte helmets, what ever, but those are awesome. I hate to say it, but I want to buy one of those helmets just to keep in my room. Great collectors item. In reality it would be a terrible investment, but for those 5 minutes when it arrives, it will totally be worth it. Kind of scum for the NFL to sell the color rush jerseys for $150 and then sell the normal jerseys for $100. Not even trying to be a homer, but I think if they tried to make the Patriots wear these fruity jerseys, Belichick would have none of it. Shitty teams care about jersey colors, and “swag”. Patriots are all business. Just give them the classic boring Pats jerseys, and they will dominate. Not going to lie though, kind of want to see what their color rush jerseys would look like. And I would probably buy one.


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