If You Buy A Ronda Rousey PPV, You Are An Idiot


Ronda Rousey has a fight tomorrow night on Pay-Per-View against another unknown opponent. It’s clearly obvious that she will win again in like 20 seconds. I checked the price to buy the fight, and its $50! That is ridiculous. Until she fights Floyd Mayweather, I won’t be buying her fights. A simple google search and you can watch the fight on a haggard online stream and save your cash. Yeah, it has a big fight feel, but when the match is over in ten seconds, you kind of feel like an idiot that just wasted his cash. Nothing against her, but no one can beat her. People want her to fight “Cyborg”. I don’t know who Cyborg is, she better win. If you have a nickname like Cyborg, you can’t be a chump. If you lose in 20 seconds like everyone else, then you should be stripped of that nickname.

While we are on the topic, I most defiantly will be watching the Mcgregor vs Aldo fight next month. That will be pretty cool. Not going to sit here and pretend like I am a die-hard MMA & UFC fan, but I always love a good fight. And these two hate each other and are savages. More blood the better. Not trying to spend 50 bucks and see a sleeper hold finish. Need big hits and carnage.



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