The 76ers Need To Banned From The NBA


Honestly, how pathetic can a team be until people seriously start considering to ban them from the league. I think the 76ers have reached that point. Year in and year out, they got the top picks in the draft lottery, and they STILL suck! How many chances can a team get? I swear they get the top picks every year. They haven’t won since last march and as of right now, they are a pathetic 0-18. They don’t look like their improving at all. If not banned from the league, I honestly think they should get their draft pick taken away from them. This team does not deserve another #1 pick. They will ruin Ben Simmons, and the cycle will start again next year. They will be an embarrassment of a team, and get the number one pick in the 2017 draft. Its like ground hog day, same shit, different day. Im pretty sure people from Philly don’t even like this team. I am sure the franchise won’t be missed. Honestly, do they have fans? How could you sit there and watch this team play? They have a D-league roster with a couple of young guys that could be good. They can’t even draft right.Former #3 over-all draft pick Joel Embidd hasn’t played a game in the NBA yet, and doesn’t look like he will anytime soon. Just a mess of a franchise, pathetic…..


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