Am I The Only One Who Finds These Jordan 11’s Fire?


I can’t put my finger on why I think these Jordan 11 lows are awesome, but they just are. I think its because the colorway is called Citrus. Just a refreshing glass of OJ on a humid summer morning, but in a over priced shoe. I can’t help but to think of rocking the orange Miami Dolphins alternate jersey with a pair of these 11s. Orange-Jersey-Auction-2

It would be straight out of a scene from MTV Cribs circa 2003. Speaking of Cribs, MTV needs to bring that show back. So much nostalgia from my childhood watching 50 Cent and Shaq show me their 17 cars and million dollar pools By the way, Cribs Playboy Mansion episode was GOAT.

The only thing holding me back from buying these bad boys is the price. Honestly, if you re-sell these shoes for over $200 dollars, your just an asshole. But, if you throw in this shirt, I may just pay what ever price you want.citrus 2.png


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