I Can’t Wait For The Seahawks vs Vikings Game

The weather in Minnesota is set to be at 3 degrees for kickoff on Sunday. Although the Seahawks most likely will go on the road and roll through the Vikings, I still can’t wait to watch it. This is what playoff NFL is all about. The frozen tundra. The type of games that its so cold out that you would rather sell your tickets and watch the game at home. This is where the big dogs eat. I feel like Adrian Peterson will actually go off during this game because he is just built for this type of weather. Running people over and not really caring that its 3 degrees out.

This game reminds me of when the Patriots played the Titans in 2004 at Foxborough in the playoffs.

Willie Mcginest said it was by far the coldest game hes ever played in. They were telling people who have health issues to literally stay home. 100% I would of sold my tickets. Why sit in the freezing cold, when you can be at your house, with the heat on, no lines for the bathroom and unlimited beer? Going to football games is overrated in my opinion, expescially when you are literally frozen in your seat.


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