What Does John Krasinksi Think He Is Doing?

So this new movie “13 Hours” is coming out soon and I guess it star’s a ‘bad ass’ version of John Krasinski. He got all buffed up for the role, and honestly I think it is a terrible choice for him. The movie is about Benghazi, so why would you pick Jim from The Office. If I were to see the movie, which most likely won’t happen, I don’t think I could take it serious. Seeing Big Tuna in a serious bad-ass role is just a no go.

jim halpert the office john krasinski theoffice jim halpert gets named big tuna by

If we are being real, most people probably don’t really know his real name, just Jim from The Office. I like the guy, but just can’t take him serious in a movie based on war.

PS: Quick The Office character ranking

5) Robert California

4) Creed Bratton

3) Michael Scott

2) Dwight Schrute

1) Andy Bernard


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