Who Do Mcdonald’s Think They Are Getting Rid Of The Dollar Menu

So McDonald’s recently got rid of their dollar menu, and I for one could not be more pissed off. Do they realize the dollar menu was for the common folk? The blue collar, work all day to make an honest living type of people. The people that can’t afford that fancy “Big Mac” that all the rich people eat. If you go to McDonald’s and don’t utilize the dollar menu, and actually order stuff from the normal menu, you don’t know what your doing. A Mcdouble with no pickles, Mcchicken with no mayo, and two small fries is the way to go. Its a way of life. Get this “McPick 2” bull crap out of here.

I have yet to try the McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks, but when I do, there will be a review. Also, is the Mcrib good? Looks pretty shitty but I kinda want to give it a bid. Also, your a fast food noob if you don’t ask for a water cup and fill it with soda when the cashier isn’t looking.


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