Skip Bayless Leaves ESPN for Fox Sports 1

Wow, what a sad day in ESPN history. Skip is one of those guys that you don’t realize how good he was till he’s gone. I was never a big fan of First Take, mainly because of Stephen A., but when I did watch it, I would always laugh. Those two guys are professional trolls, and get paid millions just to throw out redicolous takes. That is the American dream. As much as they argue and bicker with each other, I think Skip and Stephen A. are going to miss each other. My favorite part about First Take is how every team is either “Skip’s team” or “Stephen A.’s team”. Like how could the Patriots possibly be “Skip’s Patriots”. No one cares about FS1, so RIP Skip. Love him or hate him, Skip will be missed.


New Call of Duty Might Be Called “Infinite Warfare”

Welp, heres the news that all Call of Duty fans didn’t want to hear. 2016’s Call of Duty is set to take place in space, which really sucks. Its like the creators of COD don’t listen to their fans. We are all sick of futuristic shooter’s with jet packs and weird specialist weapons. Put the boots on the ground, give us realistic weapons, and some classic maps. Thats all we ask. A report says Infinite Warfare will make Black Ops 3 look like the “Stone Age”. Just what we didn’t want to her. If they could just re-master Modern Warfare 2, there would be no need to make another COD. I would easily drop $100 for a re-master. Give me Favala with the UMP and I will be happier than a pig in shit #MakeCODGreatAgain

Principle Belding Puts A Jabroni Through A Table

Everyone always talks about what the cast of Saved By The Bell is doing now. Basically Mario Lopez is the only one who is still on TV. Zach,Kelly, and Jessie still occasionally pop up on TV. But who would ever imagine that Screech would be in prison, Lisa Turtle would be white and Belding would be whooping some ass in a wrestling ring? Imagine being the guy who got put through the table by Principle Belding? Life is officially over. No coming back from that.

How Have I Never Seen This Youtube Page Before?

So this foreign guy has a Youtube page where he just crushes shit with a hydraulic press. And fittingly named it Hydraulic Press Channel. It has almost a million subscribers. This guy honestly lives the life. All he needs to be happy is just a massive hydraulic press and hes good to go.

I love the internet. These videos are so simple, yet I find myself so fascinated by them. Not going to lie, at the end of that video when he crushed the clay snakes, my mind was blown.

Candy Draft

So this picture is making the rounds on the internet today

And I have some pretty strong thoughts on it. I love candy, big time sweet tooth, and I love the sour candies. Sour patch kids and sour skittles are my GOATS. Some may disagree, but I love the sours. So lets rank these, 1 being the best and twelve being the worst.

12) The gummie fruit candies (3). Who the hell likes these? I know the joke is played out, but those are the candies you find at the bottom of your grandma’s purse. Old people candy. I don’t even think their sour, I just think they are covered in a weird sugar glaze that tastes brutal. Maybe top 5 worst candy of all time.

11) York Pepper Mint Paddys. Not a big fan of these to be honest. I want them to be like thin mint girl scout cookies, but they just arent. I hate that fluffy mint they have in the middle. Same texture as a 3 muskateers. Hate that fluffy stuff. Fluffiness factor really brings these down.

10) Gummy candies (5). Now these aren’t bad, but the odds are pretty stacked against them. Gummy candies are the OG. They have been around for a long time, and have been very consistent. But they don’t bring too much to the table. They are kind of like an old athelete, who was once atop the leauge, but doesn’t know when to retire. The crowd still loves him, but the young talent has really brought his value down.

9) Take 5. I don’t have much to say about Take 5. I have never had one, but really need to try one. I will update you when I get my hands on one.

8) Butterfinger. I love the crisp factor that Butterfinger has. A flakey and crisp texture, but the toffee and peanut butter flavor gets a little over-whelming. Can never go king size on a Butterfinger, need the Halloween size. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad.

7) Jolly Rancher. Packed with flavor. These little guys should not be taken lightly. The watermelon and fruit punch flavores are unreal. But a BIG time negative for Jolly Rancher is the sticky tooth effect. If you chew on these, they get stuck in your teeth and it’s almost impossible to get them out.

6)  Twix. Twix are great. I don’t have them that often, but they are a solid pick at 6. You are getting a steal. Twix have that perfect combo of caramel, chochocalte, and crunch. One bad thing about Twix is that you can’t let them get warm. A slightly melted Twix can really ruin your experience.

5) Reeses. I know I will catch a lot of heat for this, because I think Reese’s were a lock for a lot of people to be the #1. I love them. They are delicious, but I can’t eat too many of them at one time. Peanut Butter OD is a real thing, and you don’t want to over do them. Good thing they come in 2 packs.

4) Kit Kat. Just a classic chocolate candy. So simple, so deliocous. Break me off a peice of that Kit Kat Bar indeed. Simply break off a piece and enjoy. Like I said, break off a peice, don’t pull a Giancarlo Stanton and eat it like this

Unacceptable. Act like you have been there before. You don’t deserve a Kit Kat Bar if you eat it like that.

3) Orange Tic-Tacs. These things are like crack. When I buy them, I usually just pour the whole thing in my mouth at once. Are Tic-Tacts suppose to be like mints? These are just candy, and are verrrrrryyyy addicting. Great taste, but you need to have a thorough teeth brushing session after eating them. So much sugar.

2) Snickers. The GOAT of chocholate candy. This is a four tool candy bar. Chocolate, peanuts, caramel, nougat. Don’t even get me started on the frozen ice cream Snickers bars. They may be better than the normal candy bar. So good. So classic, could easily be a #1 pick if it wasn’t going against Skittles.

1)  And the number one pick in the 2016 candy draft is Skittles. Now the picture above has mixed berry Skittles, which suck. I am drafting Sour Skittles with the #1 over all pick. I love these. Perfect mix of sour and sweet. Only down side Sour Skittles have is that they tear up your tounge and gums for a couple of days, but the pain is so worth it. They are so good this man dedicated his 96 Buick to them.

Eagles Trade For The #2 Pick

Can anyone explain to me why the Eagles did this? I can’t think of any reasons or any scenarios where this situation actually works in their favor. I think they are going to draft Carson Wentz #2, even though they are paying Sam Bradford 18 mil a year, and their backup makes 7 mil a year. Chip Kelly sneaky destroyed this franchise. He got paid a ton of money, traded all their good players, and then just bounced to San Francisco. He doesn’t get enough credit for trolling the Eagles. And good for the Browns, actually making a smart decision near draft time for the first time in franchise history. I think the Browns are the team of the future, and the #DawgPound has a lot to look forward to.

Side note: I think the Eagles messed up big time. They could have kept their pick and drafted Paxton Lynch in the second round.

I have a really weird feeling he will be a better NFL QB than Wentz and Goff. That hair is just unreal, and no one really has that facial hair combo anymore. Just bringing back Captain Jack Sparrow’s beard. I want a guy who has the balls to rock that hair combo to run my team, not a dweeb from North Dakota State.

Conor Mcgregor Retires From UFC

Pretty surprising news coming from the UFC world today. Mcgregor, who is undoubtedly UFC biggest attraction and most popular fighter, said on his twitter that he was retiring. I honestly thought he was trolling, until Dana White came out and said he had been yanked from UFC 200, which was supposed to be UFC’s biggest pay-per-view in recent history. Mcgregor was yanked from UFC 200 because he was training in Iceland(?), and refused to fly to Vegas to shoot promo videos for his upcoming rematch with Nate Diaz. People who are on Conor’s side need to settle down. He is getting paid MILLIONS of dollars a year, and guess what? Shooting promos is part of the job. You can’t always get what you want. Sometimes you need to leave training in Iceland, and fly on a private jet to Vegas! Oh wow, such a hard life. Grow up, stop being a crybaby diva, and like Belichick always says “DO YOUR JOB”. Although I am sad to see him go, I think Dana did a good job. Just because your UFC’s biggest start, doesn’t mean you can disrespect your own boss and the company.

Rams Troll NFL And Trade For The #1 Pick In This Years Draft

Veteran troll move by Jeff Fisher and the new LA Rams. Stock pile your future draft picks and trade them to the Titans for the number one pick in a quarterback weak draft. They are either going to draft Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, both I think will probably suck. But the Rams have people talking about their team again, and thats exactly what they set out to do. Even though they probably ruined the future of their team, people are actually talking about the LA Rams. The bandwagon LA fans, who know nothing about football probably think this is the best trade ever. But I also think this trade is so ridiculous and one sided, that it will actually work out for the Rams. Too many people are trashing it, that a part of me actually thinks it will work out for the team. Well have to wait and see, I can’t wait for the NFL to start again.

I Don’t Like Game of Thrones

First off, I have seen every episode of Game of Thrones and I don’t know the majority of the characters names. Am I doing something wrong? Because everyone loves this show, and I honestly couldn’t tell you whats happening in the show plot wise. I’ve tried so hard to get into the show, but I guess I just don’t like mid-evil type shows. Dialogue is too slow for me. Too many minor characters and minor plots that suck. There are a few cool things that the show has done though. Like I really liked when King Geoffrey got poisoned, that was pretty bad ass. And when the Mountain squished the Vipers head, that was cool.


I need more stuff like that, not boring plot lines like the Stark kid who goes in and out seizures.

love game of thrones heart scary demon

That kid sucks. I don’t care about the weird trance he goes into, or what it does. If he somehow gets killed in first episode of the new season I will be pumped. Also, White Walkers are bad ass, and I need to see more of them.

I really hope they appear more in the new season and raise some hell. I’m defintly #TeamWhiteWalker.  If this show can have more carnage this season, I will be pleased.

Has Lebron Ruined Playoff Basketball?

Remember when Lebron was the man? Drafted out of high school, had the brand new hummer, was slated to be the next Jordan. Everyone loved him. But after he abandoned Cleveland, and went to Miami, he became a crying little bitch. I used to love watching the NBA playoffs, and now its something I just have on in the background. Lebron ruined it for me. I feel like its a watered down product, and extremely predictable. Like do people honestly think a team in the East is going to beat Lebron’s Cavaliers? The dude has been to like 6 straight finals, and is going back again this year. The playoffs used to be filled with energy, fighting, and tough plays, now its just Lebron crying about calls, flopping, and driving to the basketball getting an easy dunk.

I missed the days when players actually had a pair of balls, and would play defense on Lebron, instead of getting out of his way. Lebron used to have nightmares about the Celtics. The match ups between Boston and Cleveland was much watch TV. Now its blatenlly obvious its going to be a rematch of the last years finals. NBA playoffs is basically like WWE now, just scripted. The NBA higher ups want Lebron to be loved by fans, so they will do everything they can for him to win another ring. Really sad, but true.