Bryce Harper Better Sign With The Yankees

I hate the Yankees. And I hate Bryce Harper. But as a Red Sox fan, I need the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry to come back. It used to be awesome watching A-Rod come to Fenway, get boo’d out the building, fights happening on the field, and over all just a strong hatred between the two teams. Now, the Yankees are a pathetic team filled with old players who are far beyond their prime. No one cares about them, not even their fans. If Bryce Harper signs with them when he is a free agent, it will finally bring some juice back to their team. I would love to see David Price throw a fastball at him on his first at bat in a Yankees uniform. I need a brawl.

If your from the Boston area, and this picture doesn’t get you pumped up, I probably don’t like you.

Also, when Pedro threw Don Zimmer’s old ass to the ground, that was probably a top 5 moment in my childhood. Anyone who says Pedro was in the wrong can shove it. Zimmer was only 72 when that happened. Honestly, thats not that old, and when you charge at someone, you better know you might get your ass dropped by a Dominican ace.


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