Has Lebron Ruined Playoff Basketball?

Remember when Lebron was the man? Drafted out of high school, had the brand new hummer, was slated to be the next Jordan. Everyone loved him. But after he abandoned Cleveland, and went to Miami, he became a crying little bitch. I used to love watching the NBA playoffs, and now its something I just have on in the background. Lebron ruined it for me. I feel like its a watered down product, and extremely predictable. Like do people honestly think a team in the East is going to beat Lebron’s Cavaliers? The dude has been to like 6 straight finals, and is going back again this year. The playoffs used to be filled with energy, fighting, and tough plays, now its just Lebron crying about calls, flopping, and driving to the basketball getting an easy dunk.

I missed the days when players actually had a pair of balls, and would play defense on Lebron, instead of getting out of his way. Lebron used to have nightmares about the Celtics. The match ups between Boston and Cleveland was much watch TV. Now its blatenlly obvious its going to be a rematch of the last years finals. NBA playoffs is basically like WWE now, just scripted. The NBA higher ups want Lebron to be loved by fans, so they will do everything they can for him to win another ring. Really sad, but true.


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