I Don’t Like Game of Thrones

First off, I have seen every episode of Game of Thrones and I don’t know the majority of the characters names. Am I doing something wrong? Because everyone loves this show, and I honestly couldn’t tell you whats happening in the show plot wise. I’ve tried so hard to get into the show, but I guess I just don’t like mid-evil type shows. Dialogue is too slow for me. Too many minor characters and minor plots that suck. There are a few cool things that the show has done though. Like I really liked when King Geoffrey got poisoned, that was pretty bad ass. And when the Mountain squished the Vipers head, that was cool.


I need more stuff like that, not boring plot lines like the Stark kid who goes in and out seizures.

love game of thrones heart scary demon

That kid sucks. I don’t care about the weird trance he goes into, or what it does. If he somehow gets killed in first episode of the new season I will be pumped. Also, White Walkers are bad ass, and I need to see more of them.

I really hope they appear more in the new season and raise some hell. I’m defintly #TeamWhiteWalker.  If this show can have more carnage this season, I will be pleased.


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