Rams Troll NFL And Trade For The #1 Pick In This Years Draft

Veteran troll move by Jeff Fisher and the new LA Rams. Stock pile your future draft picks and trade them to the Titans for the number one pick in a quarterback weak draft. They are either going to draft Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, both I think will probably suck. But the Rams have people talking about their team again, and thats exactly what they set out to do. Even though they probably ruined the future of their team, people are actually talking about the LA Rams. The bandwagon LA fans, who know nothing about football probably think this is the best trade ever. But I also think this trade is so ridiculous and one sided, that it will actually work out for the Rams. Too many people are trashing it, that a part of me actually thinks it will work out for the team. Well have to wait and see, I can’t wait for the NFL to start again.


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