New Call of Duty Might Be Called “Infinite Warfare”

Welp, heres the news that all Call of Duty fans didn’t want to hear. 2016’s Call of Duty is set to take place in space, which really sucks. Its like the creators of COD don’t listen to their fans. We are all sick of futuristic shooter’s with jet packs and weird specialist weapons. Put the boots on the ground, give us realistic weapons, and some classic maps. Thats all we ask. A report says Infinite Warfare will make Black Ops 3 look like the “Stone Age”. Just what we didn’t want to her. If they could just re-master Modern Warfare 2, there would be no need to make another COD. I would easily drop $100 for a re-master. Give me Favala with the UMP and I will be happier than a pig in shit #MakeCODGreatAgain


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