Raw And SmackDown To Split Rosters And Draft

Finally. WWE is in desperate need for a fresh start, and splitting the rosters is just what they need. SmackDown has been flat out unwatchable, and honestly pointless, the last decade. All the story lines, and important matches would happen on Raw, and SmackDown was just a filler show to make money. But now with the draft, certain superstars will move from Raw to SmackDown, forcing you to watch. The WWE has so much unused talent, and having a split roster would bring out the full potential of the roster. The only questions I have is the PPV scenario, and the belts. Are there going to be separate PPVs every month for each show, like it used to be? And will SmackDown be getting their own heavyweight belt? I think each show should have a main championship belt and each have a tag team belt. SmackDown should get the US title, and Raw should keep the Intercontinental belt. I would love to Cena and Reigns stay on Raw, and have Rollins, Ambrose, and Owens lead SmackDown. The split is an awesome idea, and will make me watch SmackDown again. Hopefully they can make it great, and maybe well see a SmackDown Wrestlemania moment as good as this

wwe wrestling randy orton wrestling s kurt angle

Screech Going Back To Jail After Probation Violation

Fuck’n thug life. No one can hold back Dustin Diamond and his urge to be the most bad ass dude walking this planet. Years of being portrayed as a dork have really taken a tole on him. We get it man, you aren’t a geek in real life, you don’t need to keep getting arrested to prove to people that Screech was just a character. I would love to see Slater or Zach Morris pull up and try to stunt on Screech nowadays. Big mistake, you will probably get poked.

Panhandler Gets Caught With Brand New Truck

I honestly don’t hate this movie. What really pisses me off is the guy recording the video. He couldn’t be more salty that this bum has a new truck and he doesn’t. How about you stop taping a man grinding and making an honest living, and go get a better job. This guy is a business man, a cold, calculated business master mind. Who knows, maybe he finally hit coin star after 40 years of working the block, and finally bought a new whip.

Masshole Off-Duty Cop Drops Random Guy

Video Link Here: http://www.myfoxboston.com/news/bpd-investigating-off-duty-officer-after-arrest-of-pedestrian/303243985


A lot going on in this video. First of all, if you could just imagine the most masshole cop ever, this is probably what your thinking of. In a Red Sox jersey and a flat top. This cop is Michael Rappaport from the episode of Louie. No need to drop this squid and go full hard ass on him, call in 3 cop cars, and try to get him arrested for tapping your window. This is why cops get a bad rep. But for the “victim” in the video, be more of a dink. Dude, you had the balls to talk shit to the cop and tap on his window, but when he gets out of his car, you start running away? How big of a coward are you. Have a backbone once in your life. I have never seen a man get more demoralized then when the cop just carried the guy 3 blocks by the collar on his neck. The guy just took it, without even defending himself. And lastly, screw this camera man. Yeah you can record what ever you want, and you probably should have video tapped this, but dude, the “I’m posting this one Facebook” people are the worst.



Scumbag Seagull Steals Chips From Store

Fucking Seagulls. Legit scum of the earth in my opinion. These birds suck. All they do is beg for food, steal, and shit all over your car. I love going to the beach, but if you drop one crumb or a chip or sandwich, you get a whole gang of gulls at your side. Thats how pathetic they are. They can’t even get food for themselves, so they rely on humans to drop food, and in this case, steal from what looks like mom and pop type shop. Scum of the earth, don’t bring anything to the table, I think Summer 16 should be the year we end Seagulls for good.

Seth Rollins Makes His Return At Extreme Rules

Surpringsly, Extreme Rules was a pretty good ppv. The fatal four way match for the intercontinental championship stole the show in my opinion, and really showed how good the talent in the WWE can be. Match of the year so far. I’m excited to see guys like Ceasaro, Sami Zayne, and Kevin Owens compete more often in the future. I don’t know too much about Zayne, but he really impressed me in the Wrestlemania ladder match, and he was great in this one. The match that I missed, which I have to catch later, was the Asylum match. I guarantee it was disappointing, because WWE ruined violent matches when the PG era began. But the main event between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles was actually really good. For two guys that I really don’t have any interest in, they have put on two solid main events, two ppvs in a row. I heard all the rumors of a big return tonight, but I honestly thought it would of been the debut of Finn Balor. Rollins is WWE’s top dog, and to get him back this early is huge. For the first time in months, I am actually excited to watch Raw. With Rollins back, and Cena making his return next week, next months Money In The Bank ppv could become real interesting. Don’t screw this up WWE.

Warriors Embarress Them Self & Lose By A Million

Finally, the Warriors lose by a huge number. I can’t remember a team that has gotten me to hate them quicker than the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors. Honestly, last year was awesome. Steph broke out, and they beat the Cavs in the finals. Now this year, with all the records they broke, Steph wining MVP again, they have gotten so annoying, to the point where I just hope they fail. It sucks, because Steph isn’t a bad guy or ego maniac like Lebron. It’s just the subtle cockiness him and the team have. Running away from the 3 pointers right after he releases them was cool for first few times he did it, now I just hope he misses. And then we have Draymond “The Troll” Green kicking Steven Adams in the dick.

Warriors are down 2-1 right now, and Green will probably be suspended at least one game. Thank god this happened tonight, I am honestly getting sick of all the ass kissing Steph and the Warriors have gotten the past couple of months. One thing that really scares me is that the Thunder won’t take advantage of this. KD still hasn’t shaken The Based God Curse, and honestly I think Lil B is just toying with KD at this point. If Durant was smart, he would get on his knees, and pray the Based God takes the curse off of him. If he was a team player, he would play Lil B in a game to 21 tomorrow.