COD Remasters Modern Warfare! But You Have To Buy Infinite Warfare Aswell

This November, Call of Duty players can finally rejoice, Modern Warfare is being remasterd for Xbox One and PS4!!!! Only one problem, you can only buy it if you pre-order the newest game in COD’s franchise, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Infinity Ward and Activision have to be the biggest trolls of all time. Literally everyone on social media tweets out that they don’t want another futuristic COD, and you know what they do? They release a trailer for the most futuristic COD to date, and it is based in space. But don’t worry, you can get Modern Warfare for an extra twenty dollars. If Infinity Ward wanted people to buy the new Call of Duty, they would listen to their fans and scrap Infinite Warfare, and just remaster all Modern Warfares. The IW reveal trailer has more than 2.2 MILLION dislikes, and only 370,00 k upvotes on Youtube. Honestly, I am still going to buy Infinite Warfare, because anything they release I’m going to buy.




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