Do People Like “Views”?

Spotify just got Drake’s new album “Views”. I gave it a listen, and honestly it sucks. And thats coming from a Drake fan. Out of the 18 songs, I honestly only kind of liked maybe 3 of them. If you don’t like Drake rapping on fire beats and killing songs, and enjoy his terrible singing voice, then this album is for you. When Drake is good, hes one of the best rappers in the game, but when he sings on songs, I really can’t get into that. So I will ask this question, do people just say they loved “Views” because they feel like they have to? I put Views in the same category as Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo”. That album was TRASH, but people claimed it was great. Kanye and Drake could shit in a ice cream cone, and people would eat it and say it’s delicious. Views = 3/10. Need more fire beats and sick flows, not shitty singing.


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