Independence Day: Resurgence Is Going To Save Summer 16

Unless your into Super Hero movies, animated films, or movies about Daniel Radcliffe playing a farting dead body, this summer’s movie line-up looks pretty weak. Independence Day came out 20 years ago, which is absolutely crazy. Will Smith is at his best in that movie, and unfortunately he won’t be in the sequal. Well maybe thats a good thing, because he hasn’t made a good movie in a really long time.

I am a huge Alien guy, so a $200 million dollar summer block buster alien move is right up my alley. I actually can’t wait for them to finally land on earth, but I hope they are more friendly than the asshole alien’s who are in Independence Day.

Liam Hemsworth replaces Will Smith as the star in this movie, and I love the choice. This kid is a beast actor, and I think he is going to kill this role. He needs that one role to take his career to the next level, and I think this could be it. President Whitmore and Jeff Goldblum are returning to their same roles, which was an awesome touch.

One thing that kind of concerns me is CGI. I really am not a fan of new movies, mainly because I feel like the are all CGI, and no real acting. With the first Independence Day being one of my favorite movies, I am hoping they don’t over do the CGI in the sequal, and chill with the over the top special affects.

Love summer blockbusters, and hoping Independence Day 2 (Resurgence) doesn’t suck.

I would like to end this blog with a moment of silence to the American hero Russell Casse. RIP, you will never be forgotten.


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