Tommrow Is A Huge Day For The Celtics Future

Tomorrow night is the NBA Draft lottery. As you probably know, the Celtics have the Nets first round pic this year, and the Nets were pathetic. But somehow the 76ers and Lakers were worse. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered this off season. With a ton of picks and prospects to trade, fans are getting really excited for tomorrows lottery. Some fans want to draft a young stud, but this years draft class, outside of the top 2 picks, is really weak. There are 3 things the Celts can do this off-season, trade high, hope for a high draft spot, or pray Kevin Durant decides to come to Boston. I am hoping they trade picks and role players for an elite player like Demarcus Cousins or Jimmy Butler.


My #1 trade prospect for the Celtics is Demarcus Cousins. This dude is a bad ass. The Kings are a mess, and although Cousins is a top 5 player in the league, he could be traded at any second. He doesn’t get along with any of their coaches or management. The Celtics have been connected in rumors with Cousins for some time now, but this off-season, the stars could align, and Boogie could be a Celtic. Because Cousins is a huge hot head, trading for him could be a risk. Boston would have to give up a large haul for him, but I think a change of environment could be just what he needs.

Reports are saying that Jimmy Butler isn’t happy with how he has been treated in Chicago. The Bulls disappointing this year, not making the playoffs for the first time since 2009. Butler is a great player,  and could make the Celtics much better if we can grab him. Derrick Rose isn’t the same player as he used to be, and Pau Gasol is getting old, the Bulls would be smart to start an early rebuild this off-season. The Celtics were going after Butler at the trade deadline, but talks died when the Bulls denied their offers. Like Cousins, the Green would have to send a heavy trade offer to the Bulls to get Butler, but he would make them much better.



Ben Simmons, an Australian freshman who played his one year of college basketball for LSU, will most likely be picked #1 in this years draft. Many have said Simmons can make an instant impact, but questions about his jump shot really worry scouts. Simmons was a troublemaker in college, being suspended for not showing up to his classes, and not always having his head in the game. If the Celtics land the #1 pick, I really hope they trade it in a package for either Cousins or Butler. I Simmons’s primadonna attitude will be a problem in Boston, and I don’t see him gelling with the roster we have now. I think his attitude will be a problem, and he will want to instantly want to be the star of the team. He could potentially be the next elite player in the league, but I don’t want him.

Brandon Ingram is set to be picked #2 over all after Simmons. Ingram played one year at Duke, and struggled early, but came together to wrap up a pretty solid freshman year. Scouts are in love with Ingram’s wingspan and length on the court. He is a very lanky player, and has a wirey frame. He will definitely need to gain some weight once he hits the NBA, but I think this kid could be great. I wouldn’t be mad if the Celtics ended up taking him in this years draft. Lots of potential here.

Dragen Bender is a a very haggard player. Not much is known about this kid, but he has European bust written all over him. He plays in Israel, and doesn’t get much playing time. Like Ingram, Bender is very skinny and will need to pack on some pounds. With a name like Dragen, I really can’t see this kid being the next Kristaps Porzingis. Pass on him please.

Free Agents

Kevin Durant is this year’s top free agent. Lots of rumors and questions surround where Durant will actually choose to play. When the Thunder and Durant came to Boston this year to play the Celtics, Durant said he loved the Celtics fans and the city. He knows that we are loyal, and have a history of winning. If we want a shot for Durant, we need to prove to him that we can get other weapons for him to play with. With the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals, I would say they are the favorite to re-sign Durant. But with Warriors being as good as they are, Durant may want to venture over to the Eastern Conference. With Lebron getting older, the road to the finals is much easier in the East then the West. Or Durant could just say screw it and sign with the Warriors. Which means Golden State would never lose another game for the next 4 years.





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