Celtics Land The #3 Pick In The 2016 Draft

Welp, well I guess things could of gone worse. The 76ers got the first pick and the Lakers locked up the second. Most likely Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram are off the board. If the Celtics don’t trade their pick for a star player, I can see them either drafting Dragen Bender or Buddy Hield from Oklahoma. I would prefer Hield, who had a monster senior year for the Sooners and left college as the Naismith College Player of the Year. There are too many questions about Bender, who doesn’t have the stats of a would be third over-all pick. The only upside Bender has on Hield is age and height. Buddy is four years older than Dragen, and Dragen is also 7’1, which scouts love. I would prefer a big trade for either Cousins or Butler, but if we have to bite the bullet and draft at the three spot, I hope we get Buddy. The kid can ball and would be an instant help to this team.


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