Can The Orioles Start Sucking Again?

What is up with the Baltimore Orioles this season? The Red Sox are making mincemeat of the MLB, but these Orioles won’t go away. I don’t know much about this team, but were they suppose to be good, or is their hot start going fizzle out soon? It’s really frustrating that the Red Sox should be running away with the AL East, but the Orioles keep winning. We are getting lucky with the Blue Jays sucking this year, and we need to start taking advantage of it.

At this pace, the whole Red Sox starting line up is going to make the All-Star Game. Gunna go straight Kansas City Royals on that ass. Jackie Bradley Jr. is on a 27 game hit streak. If you told me that would happen this year, I would of never believed you. I honestly thought he was the worst and most over rated Red Sox player ever. But it looks like hes coming into his own, and is really becoming a beast. I haven’t checked the MVP predictions yet, but other than Chris Sale, JBJ and Big Papi have to be high on that list. This team is awesome to watch, and as of right now, are proving all the doubters wrong.


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