Warriors Embarress Them Self & Lose By A Million

Finally, the Warriors lose by a huge number. I can’t remember a team that has gotten me to hate them quicker than the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors. Honestly, last year was awesome. Steph broke out, and they beat the Cavs in the finals. Now this year, with all the records they broke, Steph wining MVP again, they have gotten so annoying, to the point where I just hope they fail. It sucks, because Steph isn’t a bad guy or ego maniac like Lebron. It’s just the subtle cockiness him and the team have. Running away from the 3 pointers right after he releases them was cool for first few times he did it, now I just hope he misses. And then we have Draymond “The Troll” Green kicking Steven Adams in the dick.

Warriors are down 2-1 right now, and Green will probably be suspended at least one game. Thank god this happened tonight, I am honestly getting sick of all the ass kissing Steph and the Warriors have gotten the past couple of months. One thing that really scares me is that the Thunder won’t take advantage of this. KD still hasn’t shaken The Based God Curse, and honestly I think Lil B is just toying with KD at this point. If Durant was smart, he would get on his knees, and pray the Based God takes the curse off of him. If he was a team player, he would play Lil B in a game to 21 tomorrow. 


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