WWE Is Becoming Unwatchable

It’s crazy how injuries to just three guys, four if you want to count Bray Wyatt, can ruin WWE’s product. John Cena is slate to return very soon, and although he isn’t a crowd favorite, he will certainly make Monday Night Raw more watchable. I feel like when Seth Rollins went down with his injury before Survivor Series, all momentum that WWE had was haulted. They went from Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns, and possibly a triple threat match involving the members of The Shield, to Sheamus becoming WWE Champion. My prediction is that Seth Rollins returns at next months Money In The Bank ppv, and we either see a triple threat match for the title between Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose at either Summer Slam or Wrestlemania. But right now, we have a rivalry between Reigns and AJ Styles that no one really seems to care about. Where is Randy Orton? I feel like he has been sidelined for much longer than everyone expected. We have talent like Dolph Ziggler fighting on the pre-show of a shitty ppv card, and are wasting Dean Ambrose on a very old and washed up Chris Jericho in a “Asylum Match”, what ever that is. Despite all the injuries WWE has faced lately, this could get interesting once again very soon. A couple NXT getting called up, and main event caliber superstars returning, we should expect a quick turn around in sports entertainement.


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