Masshole Off-Duty Cop Drops Random Guy

Video Link Here:


A lot going on in this video. First of all, if you could just imagine the most masshole cop ever, this is probably what your thinking of. In a Red Sox jersey and a flat top. This cop is Michael Rappaport from the episode of Louie. No need to drop this squid and go full hard ass on him, call in 3 cop cars, and try to get him arrested for tapping your window. This is why cops get a bad rep. But for the “victim” in the video, be more of a dink. Dude, you had the balls to talk shit to the cop and tap on his window, but when he gets out of his car, you start running away? How big of a coward are you. Have a backbone once in your life. I have never seen a man get more demoralized then when the cop just carried the guy 3 blocks by the collar on his neck. The guy just took it, without even defending himself. And lastly, screw this camera man. Yeah you can record what ever you want, and you probably should have video tapped this, but dude, the “I’m posting this one Facebook” people are the worst.




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