Raw And SmackDown To Split Rosters And Draft

Finally. WWE is in desperate need for a fresh start, and splitting the rosters is just what they need. SmackDown has been flat out unwatchable, and honestly pointless, the last decade. All the story lines, and important matches would happen on Raw, and SmackDown was just a filler show to make money. But now with the draft, certain superstars will move from Raw to SmackDown, forcing you to watch. The WWE has so much unused talent, and having a split roster would bring out the full potential of the roster. The only questions I have is the PPV scenario, and the belts. Are there going to be separate PPVs every month for each show, like it used to be? And will SmackDown be getting their own heavyweight belt? I think each show should have a main championship belt and each have a tag team belt. SmackDown should get the US title, and Raw should keep the Intercontinental belt. I would love to Cena and Reigns stay on Raw, and have Rollins, Ambrose, and Owens lead SmackDown. The split is an awesome idea, and will make me watch SmackDown again. Hopefully they can make it great, and maybe well see a SmackDown Wrestlemania moment as good as this

wwe wrestling randy orton wrestling s kurt angle


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