Independence Day 2 Was Everything I Hoped For

I went to see Independence Day 2 on Friday afternoon (by myself), and came in expecting some bad-ass alien fighting scenes, and that’s exactly what I got. First of all, Revere Movie Theater rocked me the second I got in. I asked for a ticket to the 11:50 am screening, and they told me that was in English, but with Portuguese subtitles. Um, what the fuck. How many Portuguese people are going to see Independence Day 2 at 11:50 am in Revere Mass? Maybe one, maybe. But that’s besides the point, the movie was pretty damn good. I am team alien, so I was kind of mad for them to get defeated again, but it made me feel patriotic as fuck. President Whitmore returned, and although a little aged, still kicked ass. One thing I don’t like about new movies, is the amount of CGI they use. There was a ton of it in this movie, but it really didn’t take away from the battle scenes. Not as good as the original movie, but if you like Aliens, I recommend it.


Celtics Take Jaylen Brown Third Over All In The NBA Draft

Welp, that was thoroughly disappointing. I’m not saying Jaylen Brown will be bad in the NBA, but this whole year, all the talks about trades, the picks, and the Celtics future, and we end it with just Jaylen Brown, is kind of disappointing. I really don’t know much about this kid, except the fact that when I watched him play at Cal, I really didn’t see much in him. He can’t shoot, and from watching his highlights, he can really dunk. I would of loved Buddy Hield, a proven shooter and scorer, but we can’t  always get what we want. The amount of ass kissing Green Teamers give “trader Danny” is repulsive. I think its time we strip that stupid nickname from him. Everytime rumors come around, Ainge comes up with the “the trades we got, we would have been ripped off” excuse. The Celtics also drafted two European players who will never play, so I won’t talk about them. The good news is that Kevin Durant is coming to Boston for a free agent meeting, and that the Nets traded their best player Thad Young to the Pacers, so there is a good chance we end up the #1 pick in a start studded draft next year. #TrustTheProcesss #TraderDannySucks

Brock Lesnar To Be On The Cover Of WWE 2K16

Brock Lesnar on the cover of WWE 2K17

Meh, not really a huge fan of this cover. It was great when Lesnar was the champion, and he legit dominated any one in his sight.  When he man handled John Cena at SummerSlam two years ago, my jaw honestly dropped. And with Paul Heyman as his manager, it looked like Brock would never lose a match again. What really pisses me off about Lesnar, is that they hype him up to be a beast, but he is only on Raw like every three weeks. And now, he hasn’t been on TV since Wrestlemania in April, and is now fighting at UFC 200. I like Brock, but not as much as I used to. He is must watch TV when is actually on, but as for the cover of WWE 2k16, I don’t like it.

The NBA Draft Is Finally Here

Finally, the draft is here. All year Celtics fans have been waiting for today. The Nets picks are finally in affect, and we will be picking with the third pick over all. The 76ers have already said they are drafting Ben Simmons, and the Lakers are taking Brandon Ingram. The big mystery is what the hell are the Celtics going to do at 3. There have been rumors flying around that they are trying to work out a trade with Philly for names like Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel, or even Joel Embiid. I honestly wouldn’t mind if we landed Okafor, but for some reason I REALLY want Embiid. Even if he hasn’t played in a game yet in his two years in the leauge. It looks like the Jimmy Butler talks are dying down, and the Demarcus Cousins deal has been dead for a while. If we do draft a player, I really want Buddy Hield or Dragen Bender. Hield is a elite scorer, and proved himself all season long. Bender, who will honestly be a bust, is very unknown. Im willing to risk a bust at this point, for the tiny percentage that Bender could be the next Porzingis. Kristaps was a human human highlight reel for the Knicks last year, and I need that electricity in Boston. I’m honestly really excited for tonight, but I have a feeling the Celtics are going to somehow botch this situation and end up with like Thabo Sefolosha.

WWE Suspends Roman Reigns For 30 Days

What a time for Roman Reigns to get suspended from the WWE. You work this hard to finally get to the top of the business, and what do you do? Get suspended. WWE has been trying to build Roman’s character to make the fans like him, and this really isn’t going to help, and he has no one to blame but himself. What confuses me the most is if the WWE knew about the suspension before Money In The Bank, why would they announce the long awaited Shield triple threat for Battleground instead of SummerSlam. SummerSlam is supposed to be the Wrestlemania of the summer, so why waste the biggest match in the last 5 years at a random pay-per-view. In my opinion, Battleground’s main event should of been Seth vs Dean Ambrose, and have it end in a DQ or something, and save the triple threat for the main event of SummerSlam. Not sure how they are going to build around this, especially now with the suspension.

If You Buy Root Beer And Orange Crush Flavored Pop Tarts You Are Gross

Pop-Tarts just dropped two new flavors, Orange Crush and A&W Root Beer. Honestly, this has to be the grossest shit ever. America loves just created the most unhealthy things in the world, and banking that weirdos are going to eat it. I feel like food companies sit in a room, and just come up with disgusting ideas, and the worst idea wins. I could almost guarantee Pop-Tart could create just a butter or mayo flavored Pop-Tart and the drudges of society will go out and buy them, along with a 12-pack of Mountain Dew Code Red. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a Pop-Tart, but I stop at the redicolous flavors like Smores and Maple Bacon. Give me the classic strawberry or blue berry and I will be happy. And honestly, if you heat your pop-tart up, you are a strange. #TeamRawPopTart

I Respect Lebron

Honestly, before this series started, I think Lebron James was my most hated human of all time. His egotistical, cry-baby mindset, the flopping, and the over all lack of self awareness drove me insane. But after watching him win last night, and finally put on for his city, a sudden change of heart occurred. I was in awe of how big of a warrior he was when he got knocked to the ground late in the game, and had the will to get back up, and hit a free throw. I guess you can say I just like witnessing greatness. Last night, Lebron cemented himself into the top 3 best players of all time in my opinion. His dominance, and the fact that he has three rings now, on two different teams, proves that he is a legend. This guy came from the mud, from nothing, and look what he has made himself into. Haters are gunna say its because he only plays with good players, but look at 2007, he brought the Cavs to the finals with basically a D-League team. From being a high school phenom, to returning the The Land and getting his third ring, Lebron James has cemented himself in NBA legacy. #Resp23ct

I May Have To Buy The New Nintendo System

Nintendo dropped the trailer for their new Zelda game, and honestly I loved it. I need it. I have Ocarina of Time, the game many claim to be the best game ever, and honestly I couldn’t get into it. It is nearly impossible to play without a guide that literally tells you everything you need to do. But this trailer looks incredible. I’ve always been a fan of Nintendo, and really hope their new system is as good as the classic N64, or even Gamecube. It’s crazy how the company that brought us N64, and all the classics like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong 64, and Super Mario 64, have basically been silent the last few years. This is the game that could revive the company, and I for one am excited.

PS: I will probably drop way too much money on this game, and the new Nintendo system, play it for two hours, realize I’m not a Zelda guy, and never play it again. But until then, let’s go.

Gators Are Hot In The Streets

Honestly, nothing is hotter in the streets more than Aligators right now. Everywhere I look, whether its Twitter, the news, etc. its all Aligators. They are all over the place, terrorizing golf courses , or sadly killing toddlers, they really cannot be tamed. I love gators. Other than dogs, gators are the best creatures. They are beasts, and all they do is chill in the swamp and roam. It really pisses me off that they have such a bad reputation. What pisses me off more is that people actually hunt these beautiful beasts. I don’t get why some people get off  killing innocent, defenseless animals. I think people who hunt gators/wild animals are hunting to cover up for something. No need to do it. Just let them be. Yeah, what happend to the toddler in Florida is absoultley terrible, but at when are we going to start holding parents responsible. If you are in Florida, playing near water that is marked with “No Swimming” signs, you need to use common sense, and maybe realize that a gator may be near. Same goes with the Gorilla. An innocent gorilla was killed because of negligent parents.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Returing For Ninth Season

larry david celebrities curb your enthusiasm

HBO just dropped a bomb today on Twitter. Larry David is returning for a much anticipated season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Honestly, I have never watched a 30 minuet comedy show that is more consistent than Curb. You have the greats like The Office, Always Sunny, Parks and Rec, etc. Then you have Curb. It’s on another level. I can’t think of any bad/filler episodes. Each one comes together for a twist at the end that has you dieng laughing. Larry, being the “Social Assassin” that he is, is sure to get into his typical shenanigans. People can compare Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, both are unreal, but I will always side with Curb. HBO gives you the green light to say whatever you want, which cannot be beaten. When people bring up the great comedians, Larry David never really gets mentioned. The guy created Seinfeld, and now at 68, is coming back for a ninth season. I think he should keep cranking out episodes, at least until he loses his touch.