Kimbo Slice Dies At 42

Sad day for young fighting fans like myself. If you were growing up when Youtube was first making its rounds, Kimbo Slice backyard fight videos were more than likely a staple of your childhood. Watching a massive man demolish other huge guys in street fights, without really even trying was incredible. I can remember how excited I was when Kimbo got his chance to fight in the UFC reality show, and my draw dropped when I realized how bad of a fighter he actually was. Kimbo was a street fighting legend, but when it came to actually fighting other trained fighters, it was kind of cringe worthy at times. It sucks he went out the way he did. 42 is way too young, and the fight he had against Dada 5000 was embarssing. I will remember Kimbo for the time he knocked the guy’s eye out of his head in the backyard of a trap house in Dade County, not when he collapsed on a guy and knocked him out. RIP Kevin Ferguson


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