God Do I Miss These Guys

It’s getting to that point in the summer, where I think football season is around the corner, but in reality its almost 3 months away. The NHL season just ended last night, and I have lost all interest in the NBA Finals series. The best part of the NBA isn’t even the games, actually that may be the worst part, it’s the off-season transactions, draft night trades, and free agent signing rumors. But the sports world is always at a stand still around this time, where all we get is mid-season MLB games, and in August we get the Olympics, which I am sure no one cares about. I am feening Saturday mornings in the Fall now. Waking up, sitting on your couch for 3 hours, watching College Gameday, and getting amped for 12 straight hours of college football. There is no better feeling then watching great games all day, getting the beers flowing around 2, and then knowing that at 8 pm, there is the main event game. The rivalries, the College Gameday signs, and the run options, there really isn’t anything quite like college football.


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