Curb Your Enthusiasm Returing For Ninth Season

larry david celebrities curb your enthusiasm

HBO just dropped a bomb today on Twitter. Larry David is returning for a much anticipated season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Honestly, I have never watched a 30 minuet comedy show that is more consistent than Curb. You have the greats like The Office, Always Sunny, Parks and Rec, etc. Then you have Curb. It’s on another level. I can’t think of any bad/filler episodes. Each one comes together for a twist at the end that has you dieng laughing. Larry, being the “Social Assassin” that he is, is sure to get into his typical shenanigans. People can compare Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, both are unreal, but I will always side with Curb. HBO gives you the green light to say whatever you want, which cannot be beaten. When people bring up the great comedians, Larry David never really gets mentioned. The guy created Seinfeld, and now at 68, is coming back for a ninth season. I think he should keep cranking out episodes, at least until he loses his touch.


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