Gators Are Hot In The Streets

Honestly, nothing is hotter in the streets more than Aligators right now. Everywhere I look, whether its Twitter, the news, etc. its all Aligators. They are all over the place, terrorizing golf courses , or sadly killing toddlers, they really cannot be tamed. I love gators. Other than dogs, gators are the best creatures. They are beasts, and all they do is chill in the swamp and roam. It really pisses me off that they have such a bad reputation. What pisses me off more is that people actually hunt these beautiful beasts. I don’t get why some people get off  killing innocent, defenseless animals. I think people who hunt gators/wild animals are hunting to cover up for something. No need to do it. Just let them be. Yeah, what happend to the toddler in Florida is absoultley terrible, but at when are we going to start holding parents responsible. If you are in Florida, playing near water that is marked with “No Swimming” signs, you need to use common sense, and maybe realize that a gator may be near. Same goes with the Gorilla. An innocent gorilla was killed because of negligent parents.


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