I May Have To Buy The New Nintendo System

Nintendo dropped the trailer for their new Zelda game, and honestly I loved it. I need it. I have Ocarina of Time, the game many claim to be the best game ever, and honestly I couldn’t get into it. It is nearly impossible to play without a guide that literally tells you everything you need to do. But this trailer looks incredible. I’ve always been a fan of Nintendo, and really hope their new system is as good as the classic N64, or even Gamecube. It’s crazy how the company that brought us N64, and all the classics like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong 64, and Super Mario 64, have basically been silent the last few years. This is the game that could revive the company, and I for one am excited.

PS: I will probably drop way too much money on this game, and the new Nintendo system, play it for two hours, realize I’m not a Zelda guy, and never play it again. But until then, let’s go.


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