I Respect Lebron

Honestly, before this series started, I think Lebron James was my most hated human of all time. His egotistical, cry-baby mindset, the flopping, and the over all lack of self awareness drove me insane. But after watching him win last night, and finally put on for his city, a sudden change of heart occurred. I was in awe of how big of a warrior he was when he got knocked to the ground late in the game, and had the will to get back up, and hit a free throw. I guess you can say I just like witnessing greatness. Last night, Lebron cemented himself into the top 3 best players of all time in my opinion. His dominance, and the fact that he has three rings now, on two different teams, proves that he is a legend. This guy came from the mud, from nothing, and look what he has made himself into. Haters are gunna say its because he only plays with good players, but look at 2007, he brought the Cavs to the finals with basically a D-League team. From being a high school phenom, to returning the The Land and getting his third ring, Lebron James has cemented himself in NBA legacy. #Resp23ct


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