The NBA Draft Is Finally Here

Finally, the draft is here. All year Celtics fans have been waiting for today. The Nets picks are finally in affect, and we will be picking with the third pick over all. The 76ers have already said they are drafting Ben Simmons, and the Lakers are taking Brandon Ingram. The big mystery is what the hell are the Celtics going to do at 3. There have been rumors flying around that they are trying to work out a trade with Philly for names like Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel, or even Joel Embiid. I honestly wouldn’t mind if we landed Okafor, but for some reason I REALLY want Embiid. Even if he hasn’t played in a game yet in his two years in the leauge. It looks like the Jimmy Butler talks are dying down, and the Demarcus Cousins deal has been dead for a while. If we do draft a player, I really want Buddy Hield or Dragen Bender. Hield is a elite scorer, and proved himself all season long. Bender, who will honestly be a bust, is very unknown. Im willing to risk a bust at this point, for the tiny percentage that Bender could be the next Porzingis. Kristaps was a human human highlight reel for the Knicks last year, and I need that electricity in Boston. I’m honestly really excited for tonight, but I have a feeling the Celtics are going to somehow botch this situation and end up with like Thabo Sefolosha.


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