Brock Lesnar To Be On The Cover Of WWE 2K16

Brock Lesnar on the cover of WWE 2K17

Meh, not really a huge fan of this cover. It was great when Lesnar was the champion, and he legit dominated any one in his sight.  When he man handled John Cena at SummerSlam two years ago, my jaw honestly dropped. And with Paul Heyman as his manager, it looked like Brock would never lose a match again. What really pisses me off about Lesnar, is that they hype him up to be a beast, but he is only on Raw like every three weeks. And now, he hasn’t been on TV since Wrestlemania in April, and is now fighting at UFC 200. I like Brock, but not as much as I used to. He is must watch TV when is actually on, but as for the cover of WWE 2k16, I don’t like it.


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