Celtics Take Jaylen Brown Third Over All In The NBA Draft

Welp, that was thoroughly disappointing. I’m not saying Jaylen Brown will be bad in the NBA, but this whole year, all the talks about trades, the picks, and the Celtics future, and we end it with just Jaylen Brown, is kind of disappointing. I really don’t know much about this kid, except the fact that when I watched him play at Cal, I really didn’t see much in him. He can’t shoot, and from watching his highlights, he can really dunk. I would of loved Buddy Hield, a proven shooter and scorer, but we can’t  always get what we want. The amount of ass kissing Green Teamers give “trader Danny” is repulsive. I think its time we strip that stupid nickname from him. Everytime rumors come around, Ainge comes up with the “the trades we got, we would have been ripped off” excuse. The Celtics also drafted two European players who will never play, so I won’t talk about them. The good news is that Kevin Durant is coming to Boston for a free agent meeting, and that the Nets traded their best player Thad Young to the Pacers, so there is a good chance we end up the #1 pick in a start studded draft next year. #TrustTheProcesss #TraderDannySucks


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