Independence Day 2 Was Everything I Hoped For

I went to see Independence Day 2 on Friday afternoon (by myself), and came in expecting some bad-ass alien fighting scenes, and that’s exactly what I got. First of all, Revere Movie Theater rocked me the second I got in. I asked for a ticket to the 11:50 am screening, and they told me that was in English, but with Portuguese subtitles. Um, what the fuck. How many Portuguese people are going to see Independence Day 2 at 11:50 am in Revere Mass? Maybe one, maybe. But that’s besides the point, the movie was pretty damn good. I am team alien, so I was kind of mad for them to get defeated again, but it made me feel patriotic as fuck. President Whitmore returned, and although a little aged, still kicked ass. One thing I don’t like about new movies, is the amount of CGI they use. There was a ton of it in this movie, but it really didn’t take away from the battle scenes. Not as good as the original movie, but if you like Aliens, I recommend it.


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