Red Sox Trade For All Star Pitcher Drew Pomeranz

The Red Sox are making moves, and I fucking love it. I’ve always said, if we an get a good pitcher and not give up Moncada or Benitendi, we have to do it. People have been complaining since the season started about our pitching, and Dombrowski delivered yet again. Dave Dombrowski is known for trading prospects for big names on what ever team he’s around, and today was no different. The Sox traded their number one pitching prospect Anderson Espinonza to get Pomeranz, which kind of sucks. People have been comparing Espinoza to Pedro, but honestly hes 18 years old, how many times have there been prospects that people think will pan out, and they are just complete duds? I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know who Pomeranz was until the all-star game this week, but after watching some film, this dude has a nasty curve and is a great addition to the rotation. But then again, people will always find a way to complain about trading for an all-star pitcher. I can’t wait to watch this guy.


Celtics Are Reportedly Very Close To Trading For Russel Westbrook

Um, what the fuck is going on right now? This NBA off-season has been the craziest off season I think in any sports history. Literally every team making moves, big names being traded and signed, and now another top 5 player may be on the move. Reports came out today saying Russel Westbrook looks to be traded, and the team on top of the trade rumors are of course the Celtics. As a Celtics fan, basically all you hear is rumors. So I won’ really take this serious until it is official. I LOVE Westbrook. He is honestly a beast, and in my opinion, the most explosive player in the leauge. I would love the Celtics to trade for him, but only in two scenerios. If we have a written commitment that he is going to re-sign with us next year, and we don’t trade Isiah Thomas. Although Westbrook is better than Isiah, it would really suck to see him go. I’m also hearing rumors about Blake Griffen, who I also like, but I don’t think can carry a team by himself. He’s an elite #2 player on a team, if hes your star player, I think you are going to be stuck in the mud. But a Westbrook, Griffen, and Hortford line-up can honestly compete with the Cavs and Warriors.

HBO’s “The Night Of” Is The Best Show On TV

So HBO released the first episode of their new crime drama “The Night Of” a couple weeks early on HBO go. I can honestly say, that was the most intense show I have ever watched. The only time I felt actually nauseous watching a show was in Homeland at the end of season 1 when he has the bomb next to the president. When I was watching TNO, I was actually like sweating, and was nervous of what was going to happen next. It’s a pretty basic story line, so it isn’t hard to follow, but I am sure there will be numerous plot twists to come with the upcoming episodes. Although they are kind of different plots, TNO really reminds me of True Detective season 1. The acting is great, and the kid who plays Nas really nails his role. What truly sucks, is that we have to wait until like July 17th to get the second episode, when I watched episode one one June 24th. The only show I have craved for new episodes more was the last season of Breaking Bad. I can remember when an episode would end on Sunday night, I legit was feening for next week’s episode to see what kind of shit Walter was getting into. Full blown crack head feen, scratching my neck and shit. I really think HBO has something special in this show, and I hope very episode is as solid as the pilot.

The Celtics Make A Big Free Agency Splash: Al Hortford

As a Celtics fan, I can assure you that this offseason has been pretty disappointing. With all the trade talks and free agency rumors, it feels like the Celtics should have done more. But signing Al Hortford was actually a really good move. At first I hated it, but thinking about it now, it instantly makes us better. Instead of using Jared Sullinger’s fat ass to clog up the lane, we now have an athletic center, who can rebound and also shoot very well. He is a proven all-star player, something that this team desperately needed. I know we signed him with the hopes of also signing Kevin Durant, but Hortford is a piece the Celtics needed. He is a veteran player, and on a team that is extremelly young, he can coach the players around him. When I heard the rumors of Dwight Howard coming to Boston, I almost puked. Hortford is a much better fit, and honestly just a harder worker. With all the off-season transactions in the NBA this year, and the Eastern Conference getting stronger, Hortford helps the Celtics jump from last years 5 seed, to a possible 2 seed behind the Cavs.

Jon Jones Gets Taken Out Of UFC 200 Main Event

First off, what a mess this event has become. First Conor Mcgregor was suppose to main event it, which everyone was excited about, then he cried like a baby and “retired”, but soon realized he needs the UFC way more than they need him, and crawled back, but Dana White said it was too late. Mcgregor vs Diaz was than replaced by Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones, a fight that most people are looking forward to watch. Cormier and Jones have a heated rivalry going right now, and it was going to be great to see them kill eachother in the ring for what ever belt it was for. But than it was announced last night that Jon Jones failed yet another drug test, and that match was scratched, and that Brock Lesnar, a guy who was fighting in the WWE 2 months ago, is now main eventing what was supposed to be UFC’s biggest card ever. Fuck Jon Jones. Honestly, how many chances can you give a guy? This guy is a known scum bag (hit and run arrest/cocaine suspensions). If Dana White doesn’t kick this guy out of the UFC, than I really have lost a lot of respect for the company. This guy makes millions of dollars a year, and he can’t stop doing coke? Or what ever he failed the test for. Honestly pathetic, people like him don’t deserve the chance to make the money he does. There are hundreds of fighters out there, who are clean, and hardworking, that would love to be in the position Jon Jones was in, but he can’t stop being a scumbag. Nick Diaz was originally suspended 5 years by Dana White for smoking ¬†weed, but Jon Jones, a known coke head, criminal, will probably miss another year. Why keep giving this guy a chance, when he is just going to get in his own way and fuck himself? Regardless of Jones getting kicked off the card, I really can’t wait for Lesnar’s return.

Fuck Kevin Durant

So the big news from the weekend was that Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors. I’m still furious over this. Not because he didn’t sign with the Celtics, but that he took the pussy way out. You were up on this team 3-1 in the Western Conference finals, and you choked so bad, and now you go and join that team? Have a back bone for me once. Just such a pussy move in my opinion. He realized he will never win a ring unless he joins a legit super team, ten times better than the one Lebron joined in Miami. I really don’t think I have hated an athlete this much ever in my life. He knew that he would never shake the Based God curse by himself, so he had to sign the Lil B’s home team, so he would have to lift the curse. No lie, I honestly hope KD tears his ACL first week of the season. KD, you are a coward, and I know for a fact that deep down inside, you know that yourself.