Fuck Kevin Durant

So the big news from the weekend was that Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors. I’m still furious over this. Not because he didn’t sign with the Celtics, but that he took the pussy way out. You were up on this team 3-1 in the Western Conference finals, and you choked so bad, and now you go and join that team? Have a back bone for me once. Just such a pussy move in my opinion. He realized he will never win a ring unless he joins a legit super team, ten times better than the one Lebron joined in Miami. I really don’t think I have hated an athlete this much ever in my life. He knew that he would never shake the Based God curse by himself, so he had to sign the Lil B’s home team, so he would have to lift the curse. No lie, I honestly hope KD tears his ACL first week of the season. KD, you are a coward, and I know for a fact that deep down inside, you know that yourself.


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