HBO’s “The Night Of” Is The Best Show On TV

So HBO released the first episode of their new crime drama “The Night Of” a couple weeks early on HBO go. I can honestly say, that was the most intense show I have ever watched. The only time I felt actually nauseous watching a show was in Homeland at the end of season 1 when he has the bomb next to the president. When I was watching TNO, I was actually like sweating, and was nervous of what was going to happen next. It’s a pretty basic story line, so it isn’t hard to follow, but I am sure there will be numerous plot twists to come with the upcoming episodes. Although they are kind of different plots, TNO really reminds me of True Detective season 1. The acting is great, and the kid who plays Nas really nails his role. What truly sucks, is that we have to wait until like July 17th to get the second episode, when I watched episode one one June 24th. The only show I have craved for new episodes more was the last season of Breaking Bad. I can remember when an episode would end on Sunday night, I legit was feening for next week’s episode to see what kind of shit Walter was getting into. Full blown crack head feen, scratching my neck and shit. I really think HBO has something special in this show, and I hope very episode is as solid as the pilot.


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