Jon Jones Gets Taken Out Of UFC 200 Main Event

First off, what a mess this event has become. First Conor Mcgregor was suppose to main event it, which everyone was excited about, then he cried like a baby and “retired”, but soon realized he needs the UFC way more than they need him, and crawled back, but Dana White said it was too late. Mcgregor vs Diaz was than replaced by Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones, a fight that most people are looking forward to watch. Cormier and Jones have a heated rivalry going right now, and it was going to be great to see them kill eachother in the ring for what ever belt it was for. But than it was announced last night that Jon Jones failed yet another drug test, and that match was scratched, and that Brock Lesnar, a guy who was fighting in the WWE 2 months ago, is now main eventing what was supposed to be UFC’s biggest card ever. Fuck Jon Jones. Honestly, how many chances can you give a guy? This guy is a known scum bag (hit and run arrest/cocaine suspensions). If Dana White doesn’t kick this guy out of the UFC, than I really have lost a lot of respect for the company. This guy makes millions of dollars a year, and he can’t stop doing coke? Or what ever he failed the test for. Honestly pathetic, people like him don’t deserve the chance to make the money he does. There are hundreds of fighters out there, who are clean, and hardworking, that would love to be in the position Jon Jones was in, but he can’t stop being a scumbag. Nick Diaz was originally suspended 5 years by Dana White for smoking  weed, but Jon Jones, a known coke head, criminal, will probably miss another year. Why keep giving this guy a chance, when he is just going to get in his own way and fuck himself? Regardless of Jones getting kicked off the card, I really can’t wait for Lesnar’s return.


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