The Celtics Make A Big Free Agency Splash: Al Hortford

As a Celtics fan, I can assure you that this offseason has been pretty disappointing. With all the trade talks and free agency rumors, it feels like the Celtics should have done more. But signing Al Hortford was actually a really good move. At first I hated it, but thinking about it now, it instantly makes us better. Instead of using Jared Sullinger’s fat ass to clog up the lane, we now have an athletic center, who can rebound and also shoot very well. He is a proven all-star player, something that this team desperately needed. I know we signed him with the hopes of also signing Kevin Durant, but Hortford is a piece the Celtics needed. He is a veteran player, and on a team that is extremelly young, he can coach the players around him. When I heard the rumors of Dwight Howard coming to Boston, I almost puked. Hortford is a much better fit, and honestly just a harder worker. With all the off-season transactions in the NBA this year, and the Eastern Conference getting stronger, Hortford helps the Celtics jump from last years 5 seed, to a possible 2 seed behind the Cavs.


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